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Napaling (3m-20m)

Travel Time : 20 minutes

This dive starts as shallow coral shelf from 3m to 7m, and drops as vertical wall to 20m.
The shallow shelf and an Os a rich coral garden, great for Snorkelers and underwater photographers.
There is a small amount of blast-fishing damage, but not that much.
A multitude of very large Acropora table corals, pillar and leathery corals act as home to large shoals of Anthias and smaller shoals of Chromis, Butterfly Fish, Razor Fish, Anemones with Clown Fish.

Doljo Point (40 m)

Travel Time : 30 minutes

This point is on the north part of Panglao Island.
The diving area extends at the imposing wall and accommodates innumerable sea fans with considerable sizes.

Red House (2m-40m)

Travel Time : 5 minutes

This site is filled with small and cute corals along the slope which located 3 meters to 15 meters long.
And you can see sea cucumber, blowfish, various corals and tropical fishes too.
This site is well-known as check diving, night diving and a macro photographer.

Sunken Island (5m-30m)

Travel Time : 15 minutes

This sunken island is a sea mount rising to 5m.
It is so good for corals, but not so deep and good for night dive.
There are some small Gorgonian Sea Fans, lots of small reef fish, small groupers and small Barracuda.

Fish Sanctuary (7m-50m+) & Diver's Heaven

Travel Time : 55 minutes

This is a protected marine site considered as the breeding place for the "Bonitas" (Jack Fish). Most of the time, there are more than thousands swimming together. Balicasag Island is one of the islands known as a diving location in the Visayas and Palawan in the Philippines at the same time. The wall goes to down directly about 45 meters and then it slopes to 80 meters or more. There are many small caves between 10 and 30 meters with soft and hard corals. A variety of small tropical fishes are abundant.

Black Forest (50m+)

Travel Time : 55 minutes

Why black forest? It is called because of the abundant black corals (Antiphates sp.) which grow from 25-40 meters. Swimming through the branches of these corals is quite enjoyable experience. The drop off fall down slowly after 12 meters from the surface until 40 meters (sandy bottom). There are also many soft and hard corals as well as special Butterfly Fishes (Heniochus acuminatus).

House Reef (40m+)

Travel Time : 55 minutes

The wall is grown with beautiful, hard and soft corals, as they hardly occur in the Visayas. This reef offers a diversity of species, like Scorpion Fish, Tunas, Jackfish, Barracudas, Frogfish and nudi branches of all kinds. During the season from January to May, the wall is a good venue for observing schools of Hammerhead Sharks. The Hammerheads are always around Cabilao, but when the temperature of water is getting warmer they stay at the deepest part of the point but most of divers do not care to go. Also some other sharks like the White tip or Gray ones show up occasionally.

Royal Garden (28m) & Light House

Travel Time : 55 minutes

The Lighthouse is an ideal place for a safety staying and extending your dive time or going a night dive. A sand surface is grown with sea grass expects that you stay here. Because of its uniqueness and rare diversity of species, so many underwater photographers have been inspired. Pegasus, Seahorse, rare Stone Fishes, Leaf Fish were already discovered at this place. This is a unique place for smallest organisms.