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1. The Hill (18m)

Sea depth is 5m~18m and there's no wave and no tide because the point is surrounded with three islands.
You can see Tridacna Gigas, Sea Horse, Blue-Ringed Octopus and also you can see Mandarin Fish sometimes.
This point is enriched with various and small fishes, that is why Macro Divers love this point.

2. Manila Channel (18m)

The depth is 5 ~ 18 meters and the point is perfect for novice divers and experienced undersea explorers.
It is natured by gentle tidal flows, colorful corals and sponges offer sanctuary to an astonishing array of marine wildlife including various fishes and corals.

3. Coral garden (10m)

This point was not visited many Divers because last Typhoon 3years ago.
But it's recovered as usual, beautiful scenery and nice view.
Many of Snorkelers are here to enjoy their time, it's not deep.
Coral Garden is ideal for snorkelers, novice divers because the sea depth is not too deep.

4. Marcus Cave, Sweetlips Corner, Secret Reef (40~60m)

The point is for Advanced Divers and Tech Divers due to the deep depth.
There is a tombstone in the cave to admire Marcus which is located 52 meters depth of the point.
You can see Sweet Lips inside of the cave at the depth of 52 meters.
There are many of fishes at the Secret Reef depth of 60 meters.

5. Dry Dock (24m-30m)

The point is consists of big fishes and when observe the each frames, can see the Crustaceans like Crabs or Shrimps.

6. Lalaguna Point (3m-18m)

There is a small wall starting from 12m depth. We can see amazing Coral reef and various of fishes under the Coral reef.

7. Alma Jane Wreck (25m-30m)

Alma Jane Wreck is a 60-ton, 115-ft steel-hulled cargo ship.
Alma Jane was scuttled in 2003 and settled upright at a depth of 30 meters.
Upper decks are at a depth of 25 meters and maximum depth is 30 meters where divers can dive with rope safely. Batt fish, Snapper, Lion fish, Scorpion fish and shrimps are taking up residence in and around the wreck. Can enjoy diving also to St. Christopher Wreck when there's no tide.

8. Sabang Wreck (18m)

There’s no tide almost time, and the sight is average 20 meters and 18 meters deep at its deepest point.
This is a fishing boat which was sunken by the Divers who stayed there in 1993.
Now, it became a house of a lot of fishes and corals, specially, Bat Fish, Moray, Lion Fish groupers are stay there.
This is the only site can fish feeding.

9. Sabang Point (26m)

This site is very beautiful site gives us a feeling that I’m walking on the garden with sweet small corals.
The smallest Pigmy Sea Horse lives there Fan Coral in depth of 26 meters In the shallow depth, you can also see Ghost Pipe Fish and Ribbon Eel too.

10. Monkey Beach (18m)

Near the slope areas where is filled of small and tiny corals, novices can go Diving easily.
This site is well known as a variety of underwater environment.
Also you can enjoy Wreck Diving in the depth of 19 meters with small steel ship.

11. Wreck Point & Dungon Wall (27m)

The Wreck was sunken in 1994 and there are a lot of kinds of fishes like Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish groupers, Blow Fish, Scorpion Fish, et cetera. Specially Coral are spread in this area.

12. West Escarceo (30m)

When the tidal current is fast, you can enjoy Diving from here to Hole in the Wall and Canyons too.
The site is consists of giant corals, Table coral, Sponge, Blow Fish and Tropical Fishes. Especially in the shallow, you can enjoy Diving.

13. Hole in the Wall (12m)

There is a hole only one man can pass through between huge corals in the depth of 12 meters.
Experience that when you see the huge corals after pass through the hole.

14. Canyon's (30m)

There’s sometimes tidal wave and tidal current too.
But the tidal current would be stronger sometimes.
Some divers who had experience can enjoy the tidal current Diving with the guide’s permission and also can enjoy many types of diving.
This site is very special site has an underwater environment, big Sweet Lips and Sharks etc.
This site is the most valuable site for me too.

15. Fish Bowl (44m)

The site like a bowl filled with fishes. So the site is called as Fish Bowl. The sight range is average 25 meters and the deepest in depth is 44 meters.
You can enjoy deep Diving and tidal current diving with their guide. You can see Fan Corals and big Sweet Lips Groupers every time and can see sharks and turtles sometimes too.

16. Horse Head Reef (35m)

The average sight range is 20 meters and the deepest in depth is 35 meters. You can enjoy silent Diving alike deep Diving and when you see further, there would be Horse Head shaped reef too. It looks like Horse head and sometimes sheep. This site has big sweet lips, sharks, various kinds of fishes and reefs too.

17. Shark Cave (26m)

You can meet White-tip Reef Shark in the cave depth of 26 meters. This shark doesn't threat anybody and active in night. This site has also Rays and diversity of reef and fishes.

18. Atoll (33m)

A huge rock is under the water. The height is from in depth 33 meters to in depth 15 meters. This site is fulfilled with diversity of fishes and reefs so that makes us magnificent feeling. When the tidal current is getting decrease, you can enjoy tidal Diving to Shark Cave Canyons too.

19. Kilima Beach(12m)

Good for the novice Divers because of the shallow water always.

20. Sinandigan Wall(30m)

This site is filled with like wall and has diversity of Fishes and Reefs too. You can see Pygmy Sea Horse and beautiful NudiBranch too. This site in well known as a Macro Picture Diving.

Verde Island - Drop Off

is the point alike World Class Level Dive Site has tidal current and the average sight is 30 meters and the deepest in depth is 80 meters. You can enjoy Diving with lots of fishes like you are in Fish Tank in shallow sea and you can enjoy deep diving with the wall that spread endless and big fan reefs. You must know the true worth of the site.